CS-800D Codeplug Files (updated 2023-01-31)

This is my latest CS-800D configuration. It is up to date with the Seattle ACS ICS-217A release 31 January, 2023. The radio should be on the latest firmware and CPS (programming software), at least v4.03.07 or later, but its worth it in the end as the zones are no longer limited to 16 channels which is really a hinderance with things like the Seattle ACS channel lists for UHF and VHF. These files are usable with v4.04.06 and later CPS. They may work with earlier versions but you can get the up to date CPS from the Connect Systems website.

  • KD7DK-Public-20240131.rdb - raw codeplug file that was created with the v4.04.9. It is likely to work with V4.03.7 and later versions.
  • KD7DK-Public-Empty.rdb - an empty codeplug file that was requires the v4.03.7 or later CPS for use in building new codeplugs using the instructions on this site.
  • Be sure to update the General Settings -> Setting before programming your radio. You need to set your radio id and call sign with correct values.

    Function Keys - I have set the following programmable function buttons in this codeplug.
    P1-P4 as labeled, P5 - beside display top, P6 beside display bottom.

    Button Function
    P1 short Zone Down
    P1 long RF Power
    P2 short Zone Up
    P2 long Scan On/Off
    P3 short Squelch Toggle
    P3 long Nuisance Delete
    P4 short Monitor
    P4 long Squelch Level
    P5 short Volume Up
    P5 long Zone Up
    P6 short Volume Down
    P6 long Zone Down
    Knob Channel Up/Down