- Supporting Seattle DMR users

The SeattleDMR is an amateur radio DMR network was created to provide a DMR service to the Seattle metro area community and also provides us with a platform for experimentation with this new medium. It is comprised of 3 repeaters in the Seattle metro area. They are supported by a bridge running HBLink3 and the HB_Bridge/IPSC_Bridge interface software. Please refer to the Bridge Design for more details.

This presentation from May 2020 provides an overview of the network, its motivation, and features that make it unique and useful to our community.

Repeater Frequency TX Offset Color Code Details
Seattle Central 440.775 +5.000 CC2 See the PSRG DMR page for information on the first repeater in this network.
Seattle North 441.025 +5.000 CC2 Located at Lake Forest Park Reservoir, north of Seattle
Seattle South 440.975 +5.000 CC2 Repeater ID: 310534, Call Sign: W7AW. This repeater is located at Westcrest Park. Latitude: 47.520925 Longitude: -122.34341 Locator: CN87TM85SA (map, sat, terrain) [NOTE: Not linked to other WSARC repeaters] Supported Talkgroups

This table is generally self explanatory, but the Link talkgroups deserve some explanation. These are intended to be dynamicly assigned to talkgroups gatewayed in from other DMR network on an as needed basis. We list them here and encourage their programming to allow us to quickly provide access to new or needed talkgroups from other networks without requiring radio reprogramming. The bridge will do talkgroup remapping of the original talkgroup to one of these dynamic talkgroup ids (880?).

Talkgroup Number Timeslot
Audio Test 9999 TS2
King County 333153 TS2
Parrot 9998 TS1
BayNet 31075 TS2
Link 1 8801 TS1
Link 2 8802 TS2
Link 3 8803 TS1
Link 4 8804 TS2
Link 5 8805 TS1
Link 6 8806 TS2
Local 1 3181 TS1
Local 2 3166 TS2
PNWR 31771 TS2
Puget Sound 31532 TS2
Seattle 1 803153 TS1
Seattle 2 813153 TS2
TAC 313 313 TS2
Washington 1 3153 TS1
Washington 2 103153 TS2

Codeplugs and related support files (from KD7DK)

Anytone 878

Codeplug and relate files for the Anytone-878 supporting PNW-DMR and Seattle Core repeaters can be found here.

Connect Systems CS-800D

Codeplug and relate files for the Connect Systems CS-800D supporting PNW-DMR and Seattle Core repeaters can be found here.

Using pre-built DMR codeplugs:
I have created these brief instructions for those using the pre-built codeplugs above:
Using pre-built DMR codeplugs.pdf

Creating Customized Codeplugs:
I have needed to create codeplugs that combine PNW-Digital DMR systems with repeaters and frequency information from other organizations. I hate manual toil so I have created this procedure using available tools, particularly the Anytone Config Builder, from Andrew Dickinson, K7ABD and N0GSG's Contact Manager program for Windows. Instructions for creating identical codeplugs for the Anytone and CS-800D with no manual entry can be found here. This is the process I used to create the codeplugs on this website and for Seattle ACS. Besides the community files from PNW-Digital, these files will be needed:

Filename Comment
Analog-ACS-addon.csv Additional Analog FM channels for Seattle including the ACS VHF and UHF channels for voice and data (Winlink) in 4 separate zones
Analog-Merged.csv The result of merging the ACS addon with the PNW-Digital analog list. This is an example of a merged file that is ready for upload to Config Builder
Digital-Repeaters-Seattle-addon.csv Additional DMR repeaters for Seattle. This file needs to be merged into the PNW-Digital file. You add the rowe and then get the column content matched up
Digital-Repeaters-Merged.csv This file is an example of the merged result and is ready for upload to Config Builder.
Talkgroups-Seattle-addon.csv Additional talkgroups used locally in Seattle and supported by and associated repeaters
Talkgroups-Merged.csv THis file is an example of the merged result and is ready for upload to Config Builder